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Machu Picchu Tours

Machu Picchu tours are increasingly becoming more popular thanks to the Inca city being deemed a world wonder and more recently being awarded the title for places to see before you die. Machu Picchu was built almost 600 years ago high in the Andes mountain region of Peru, it is also known as the Lost City of the Incas. Once you actually reach the lost citadel one of the many things you notice are that the structures of Machu Picchu are remarkably well taken care of. Peru as a whole has turned into one of the most fascinating countries in the Americas and is gaining appeal among travelers thanks to its rather rich cultural heritage. The geographical location of Peru allows for visitors to enjoy a variety of experiences while exploring its beautiful, natural destinations. Today It has never been easier to visit the lost city of the Inca, Machu Picchu Tours can be tailored to fit almost any budget and desired level of comfort.

Machu Picchu Tours

Tours to Machu Picchu will offer you an experience of a life time thanks to the breath taking views of the surrounding Andes and trails that are easy enough for the casual hiker, one such example is the Inca trail. If you would like to experience something exceptional then taking the Inca trail is an activity which is highly recommended. This hike of easy to moderate difficulty was the way the native Inca took when they wanted to reach the hidden city and now you can take the same route and finish in time for your Machu Picchu tours. This path of the Inca takes you through the Andes; it will be led by a professional guide and in some cases porters as well. The porters and guides are there to answer any questions you may have and to keep you safe during your trek across the beautiful highland landscapes of Peru.

Once you reach the Inca citadel and start your way on your Machu Picchu tours there will be several things your guides will want to show you such as the sun dial and the sun gate; then if you have time and reach Machu Picchu early enough you can be one of the lucky people to head over to Huany Picchu, a peak located right behind the Machu Picchu ruins. There is a limit to the amount of people visiting Huayna Picchu everyday; 200 at 7am and another 200 at 10am, it is a very popular attraction during this tour which gives you exceptional views of surrounding mountains.

Travelling to Peru and ultimately taking a tour to Machu Picchu is the perfect solution for someone eager to take a vacation that offers something different, as part of a Peru trip it is a perfect way to relax and connect with the adventurer we have all within. Contact us today for f options regarding Machu Picchu tours, the Inca trail or any other Peru travel service you may be interested in.

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