Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cusco

One reason why Peru is one of the most sought-after travel destinations is its exquisite and fabulous culinary culture. Nowadays, the Peruvian cuisine boasts an incredible mix of pre-Inca and Inca staples and traditional food from Peru’s rich Amazon jungle, the Andes, and rich ingredients from the Pacific coastal strip.

Thanks to this amazing infusion of ingredients, cultures, and culinary knowledge, Peru and Cusco, in particular, are both unique breeding grounds for the vegetarian culture. Cusco is not only the oldest inhabited city in the Americas and home to a wide variety of amazing architectural wonders, but also one of the best places in Peru to sample the vegetarian cuisine.

The best vegetarian places to eat in Cusco are Organika, Green Point, Morena Peruvian Restaurant, Greens Organic, and Green Point My Vegan Restaurant.

Organika Restaurant

The best way to describe the food at Organika is fresh and delicious. The café-style restaurant offers a wide array of delicious, healthy, and locally grown food (the products are harvested from their own garden in the Sacred Valley of Urubamba) in unique, beautifully-presented menus. The sweet potato ravioli, quinoa soup, home-made gnocchi in Pomodoro sauce and decorated with edible flowers and mustard, passion fruit mousse, are some of the best picks, but you really can’t go wrong regardless of what you choose.

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Morena Peruvian Kitchen

Their motto is “A contemporary twist on Peruvian classics,” and it couldn’t be more true. The place also serves delicious meat meals, the service is nothing short of excellent, and the wine and drinks are at the same level of quality. Eating at Morena Peruvian Restaurant means taking a culinary trip through the flavors of the coast, Andes, and Amazon.

What makes this place special are the great vegetarian options. Some of the highlights include the quinoa chaufa, Sacred Valley salad, and the causa vegetarian appetizer.

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Greens Organic Restaurant

The restaurant offers its clients a wide range of both vegetarian and meat options. Vegetarians can choose from various types of vegetarian quinoa dishes, quinoa soup, ravioli, pancakes, and meat-free sandwiches and salads. It’s also one of the most stylish vegan-friendly restaurants in Cusco, located on the second story of a restored colonial house with a nice balcony with direct view to Plaza de Armas.

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Green Point Restaurant

Green Point is the second restaurant recently opened in Plaza San Francisco and further expands the business of the original San Blas neighborhood locale. It’s a 100% vegan restaurant and includes popular lunch menus with salads, soups, main courses, drinks, and deserts. The presentation and taste are some of the best in Cusco, and there are no animal products or genetically modified foods. The raw brazil nut cheese topped salads and quinoa burgers are some of the highlights, but it offers various gluten-free options as well.

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Green Point My Vegan Restaurant

All the restaurants on our list are nothing short of amazing, each one in its own unique way. However, if there’s a place you’ll most definitely want to eat again, that’s the Green Point My Vegan Restaurant.

The food is regarded as the best in Cusco, and it will surely attract even non-vegan or non-vegetarian people due to its stunning taste and unique presentation. The restaurant is small, but beautifully decorated, and the staff is friendly and prompt. Best of all, the prices are extremely accessible.

Green Point My Vegan Restaurant website

If you live in Peru or are going to visit Peru and Cusco, then we highly recommend you check out all the places on our list of the best vegetarian places to eat in Cusco.