The Miraflores District in Lima

Handgliding Miraflores Lima

Miraflores, Lima, is one of the more upscale districts that make up Peru’s capital city and is a well known hotspot for tourists when they travel to Peru. The district is located on the shore front of Lima high up on the cliffs and covers an area of around 9km².

There are plenty of things to do to keep you occupied for days and even weeks in Miraflores including a wide selection of restaurants, shops, bars, parks, nightclubs, water activities and many other activities as well.

Entertainment in Miraflores

If you are looking to be entertained, then look no further than Miraflores, as you are certainly spoilt for choice.  The main street for discos, bars and trattorias is in a street called Calle de la Pizzas (Pizza Street). There are a variety of discos there including typical Salsa discos, if you are feeling like getting into the real Latin spirit. There are places with live music or many types including Latin, jazz, rock and punk.

Along the coast of Miraflores is an entertainment plaza called Larcomar, where there are a good selection of bars, discos, restaurants, a cinema, a bowling alley and shops. Here you will get a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean and the coastline of Lima, from high up on the cliffs.

If you are someone who likes to try your luck in winning money, then Miraflores offers you the chance, with a good choice of Casinos and slot arcades.

Hotels in Miraflores

There are plenty of hotels and hostels to stay in when you go to Miraflores. The range in prices and standards varies a lot (from $5 to upwards of $300 per night), so it caters for all budgets. If you are looking for luxury, then there are selection of 5 star hotels including, the Thunderbird, which is known for its outstanding service, facilities and local cuisine. The restaurant on the top floor regularly has live music and offers fantastic views of Lima. The Miraflores Park Hotel also offers outstanding facilities including a very popular spa that includes a swimming pool overlooking onto the Pacific Ocean.

If you are on a smaller budget then there are numerous other cheaper hotels and also backpacker hostels where you can get a bed for the night for as low as $5 per night.

Activities in Miraflores

Fancy an adrenalin rush? Then head down to one of the beaches in Miraflores and catch some waves. There are 4 beaches all with different kinds of waves, so people of all standards can enjoy the thrill. Or if you prefer your adrenalin rush to be in the air then you have to go to Malecon and try Paragliding. This is a perfect chance to see the coast of Lima whilst flying in the air. A truly exhilarating experience.

There are many parks in Miraflores including Parque Kennedy (Kennedy Park), which is in the center of the district. Here you can buy typical Peruvian food from the street, like Churros, also known as a Spanish Donut, that is a long cylinder shape and comes with a variety of fillings, of which the most popular is Dulce de Leche (a warm sweet caramel sauce). Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding) and Butifara (Bread with Ham and/or turkey ham and sauces) are also available to buy and is very popular with Peruvians.

In Lima, there are still many ancient Inca ruins and the largest one is located in Miraflores, called Huaca Pucllana. There is the Huaca Pucllana restaurant in the grounds, which offers top class Peruvian cuisine, so you can eat whilst admiring this ancient ruin.

Climate in Miraflores

The weather in Miraflores changes throughout the year, but typically it is a lot cooler than the climate inland, due to it being by the sea. The best time to travel to Peru and visit Miraflores is in the summer months of December to April, which brings the best weather and ranges from 20-30°C (high) and sometimes even higher. In the winter (May-November) the temperatures cool a bit and range from 17-24°C (high) and the evenings can feel quite cold sometimes.

Due to the high humidity, the early mornings usually consist of low clouds and a mist, which is caused due to Lima’s location in the Pacific Ocean and the fact that the region behind the city is very arid, and the land rises into the Andes Mountains. This coupled with the cold Humboldt Current that runs along the Peruvian and Chilean coast, cools the intense heat of the tropical sun, which in turn creates the high humidity, clouds and mist.

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