Packing List for Peru

A vacation to Peru, whether you’re going alone or with your loved ones and friends, will be a life-changing experience, especially if prepared right. Be that as it may, Peru is not a very developed country, hence, getting ready for a trip there can prove to be challenging.

To make matters more complex, considering the country’s geographical diversity (rainforests, mountainous regions, and sunny beaches), packing for a vacation to Peru is of the utmost importance to make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be.

We have created a list of things to pack for Peru to make things easier for you. The list of items to take to Peru is divided into three main parts: clothes, footwear, and other accessories.


Picking the right clothes for any destination can mean the difference between awesome memories to a not-so-good experience, and Peru is no exception. When it comes to traveling in Peru, you should opt for the most practical, sporty, and layer-orientated type of clothing.

We’ll start from the lower way up since we want to stress the importance of having warm feet in Peru, especially if your trip involves traveling in the rainy season. Make sure you bring lots of pairs of long warm socks for cold weather trekking or just for exploring the cities. You might want to also carry a couple of pairs of regular socks for warmer weather, as in the winter it can still get very warm during the day if the sun is out.

Moving on, you can’t go wrong with jeans, especially for everything that does not involve trekking, so make sure you bring at least one good pair. Thermal leggings are also recommended if you’re sure you will be going on hikes. If the weather is scorching, say, if you’re planning on visiting the Amazon or you want to hit the local beaches during the summer months, you should also consider some pairs of shorts and board shorts (for men) and a bathing suit (for women).

Bring a couple of versatile shirts, some for trekking sessions, some for sleeping, and some simply for traveling and visiting. A long-sleeved thermal shirt will go nicely with the aforementioned thermal leggings for the same reasons. Your list should also include a comfortable sweatshirt, jacket, a rain jacket or a poncho (ponchos can be bought cheap in most cities e.g. Cusco, Puno). Even if you’re traveling in the dry season, the weather in the mountains can be very unreliable and it can rain.

Following the same idea, it wouldn’t be wrong to bring a pair of gloves, a scarf, a warm hat, especially for trekking purposes.



If you’re headed for the warmer areas of Peru (the northern beaches or the Amazon), especially in the summer, a pair of sandals are an excellent choice. For city exploring, a pair of comfy sports shoes should be fine, but you must also bring along a pair of solid hiking boots or strong walking shoes. If you’re opting for the Inca Trail, definitely go for the waterproof hiking boots with good ankle support.


Other Accessories

Besides the obvious set of toiletries (moisturizing lotion, sunscreen (high factor 20+. The UV radiation in Peru is very high), toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, towels, etc.) and maybe a guidebook, there are a couple of important accessories you should consider taking with you on your trip to Peru.

A sturdy backpack or day bag (required for the train to and from Aguas Calientes), a high-quality passport pouch, a universal waterproof phone case, a power adapter (check here for details on plugs and voltages in Peru), a water bottle, a phone charger, a camera (a waterproof action camera is also nice for the wet season), medicine, and travel insurance.

To end with, if you’re planning to go deep in the Amazon rainforest, then insect repellent (the quality of insect repellent is surprisingly bad in Peru), walking/trekking poles, compass, anti-bacterial soap, Swiss Army knife, anti-itch cream for insect bites, rain gear, and a first aid kit are your best friends.

We hope our list of things to pack for Peru will prove to be useful for you. We wish you a great trip!