Packing list for when you Travel to Peru

Peru is one of the most amazing touristic destinations available today, but when you travel to Peru there are certain things you should remember to pack in your suitcase. Peru is a very diverse country and the climates can vary a great degree from being 30°C in the day and then go below 0°C in the same evening, so it is important that you come prepared. Here is some advice on what you should take with you in order to make the best of your adventure in Peru.


Both warm and light clothes are necessary especially if you are travelling to places in the Andes like Machu Picchu and Cusco.

–        Trousers that are comfortable to walk around in for long periods of time
–        A pair of good shorts is always advisable, as temperatures in some places can get above 30°C and it can be very humid (November – April)
–        If you are planning to enjoy the great gourmet options in the capital city of Lima maybe you could pack some outfits for going out in the evening
–        Some T-shirts
–        Long sleeved shirts (ones where you can easily roll up the sleeves are perfect)
–        Lots of underwear (it depends on the amount of days spend and if you are willing to make laundry), preferably breathable material underwear (cotton is normally the best and cheapest option). A sports bra is also advisable for women
–        Some good pairs of socks – you will need a couple of spare pairs of good quality socks if you are hiking anywhere in Peru
–        A waterproof jacket with hood; very useful in the Andes or in the rainforest.
–        Cap or hat (wide brimmed is better) – the strength of the sun in Peru can be very intense and you will need a hat to keep the sun off your face and neck sometimes
–        Swimsuit/shorts – To enjoy the wonderful Peruvian shores (which are famous for their great surfing waves) or to swim under the Andean sun, or to swim under a waterfall in the Amazon, or to splash in the hot springs in the Colca Canyon.
–        Scarf, if travelling to the Andes as the nights can get very cold

If you are going to travel to Machu Picchu, trek the Inca Trail and also adventure into the Peruvian Amazon then you will need to pack a variety of footwear to make you trip to Peru more comfortable:

–        Pair of good hiking/walking boots (must be waterproof)
–        Pair of sandals
–        Pair of sneakers/trainers
–        And, once again, if you are planning to enjoy the wonderful gourmet scene in Lima, a pair of dress shoes to go out in the evening

Be aware that the electricity in Peru is 220v, so if you have equipment that doesn’t have a general voltage from 100-240v, then you may need a transformer rather than an adaptor (these can be bought in any hardware store in Peru at a reasonable price). You should also cover your equipment in waterproof bags when travelling to wet regions in Peru.

–        Camera, lots of film or memory cards, battery and spare batteries, charger
–        Video camera and lots of memory cards
–        Mp3 player/iPod and charger
–        Flashlight or headlight and spare batteries
–        Mobile phone and charger

Everything from well known international brands can be purchase at very reasonable prices in supermarkets or in the typical neighborhood stores called “Bodegas”; but if you prefer your usual local brands you can bring whatever suits you best; there’s no special needs except for sun lotion (with a good SPF).

Other accessories

–        Pair of strong sunglasses
–        Knife – if travelling to the Peruvian Amazon and/or camping on the Inca Trail, it would be a perfect aid.
–        Money belt
–       First Aid kit, even though there are plenty drug stores all through the country, if you are travelling in remote regions of the Peruvian Amazon or trekking in the Andes Mountains, you should bring yours. Also remember to bring any special prescription drug, since sometimes there are difficult to obtain.
–        Altitude Sickness tablets, can be purchased in Peru and is advisable to pack them if you are travelling to Cusco and Machu Picchu
–       Spanish dictionary/phrase book – the majority of people in Peru do not speak English, so to make your trip more enjoyable you should try to learn some useful Spanish phrases and words
–        Travel book e.g. Lonely Planet guides are normally a very good option and gives you good information on Peru
–        Reading books – books in languages other than Spanish can be difficult to find and expensive
–        Insect repellent – can be bought in Peru and only necessary if travelling to the Amazon
–        Sleeping bag if you are camping – they can also be rented in Cusco if you are trekking the Inca Trail
–        Small backpack for smaller treks/trips

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