Peru’s Amazon Rainforest

Peru is an awesome country to visit if you want to check out the rainforest jungles and enjoy the spectacular scenary. Tours of the Peruvian Amazon are safer, easier, and generally more cost efficient, as compared to other countries in the area.

Listed below are some regions that you should visit in order to make the most of your holiday in the Peruvian Amazon.

Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado is the capital city of the Madre de Dios Region located in south-eastern region of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, at the confluence of the Madre de Dios and Tambopata rivers, about 55 kilometers from the eastern border of Bolivia.

Weather in Puerto Maldonado is hot and humid all year round with average temperature being 26 degrees C. October to April is the wet season and the months of August and September are the hottest. It is best to avoid the wet season to be able to really enjoy treks and Puerto Maldonado Amazon tours.

Different kinds of parks like the Manu National Park, Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, and Tambopata National Reserve are located in the vicinity. They are home to some of the best, untouched and isolated rainforests on the planet. You can check out varied bird species, clay licks, and oxbow lakes, among other wonders of nature.

Besides tours and trips to the different national parks, tourists can visit the main square (Plaza de Armas) in the city, eat local ice cream and people watch, you can climb to the top of the Obelisk tower and enjoy the majestic views of the rivers, town, and surrounding forests. You can also go to the local markets and try out the many local exotic fruits and food. For wildlife, you can go for a tour of the Snake Rescue House and the Monkey Island.


Tarapoto Amazon Peru

Also know as, the ‘City of Palms’, Tarapoto is a flourishing city situated in the high jungle plateau (also referred to as the cloud-forest) of the San Martín Region, to the east of the low jungle plateau (Selva Baja). It is located in the Shilcayo and Cumbaza river valleys.

As per the 2007 census, the total population of the city and its outskirts of Banda de Shilcayo and Morales districts was around 180,200 inhabitants. The weather in Tarapoto is similar as other regions in the Peruvian Amazon, hot and humid throughout the year with average temperatures of around 33 degrees C.

Tarapoto usually acts an entry point for wondrous Amazon tours and excursions into the rainforest. It is also one of the places from where tourists can get access to the magnificent Rio Abiseo National Park. You can expect to see an eclectic variety of fauna and flora, incredible lagoons and waterfalls, gorgeous landscapes, and many water adventures like abseiling, Mayo River water rafting, treks, and Peruvian Amazon jungle expeditions.

In addition to the above things to do in the Amazon, you can check out the Petroglyphs of Polish, which are mysterious rock carvings that were founded recently in 1966.  Also, try out the local traditional dish, “Juane” made from egg, rice, chicken and olives, wrapped in Bijao leaves (sometimes Banana leaves are used as a substitute).


Pucallpa is a city located in the high jungle plateau on the banks of the brown Ucayali River. It is the capital city of the Coronel Portillo province and the Ucayali region. In Quechua, Pucallpa means “red earth”. This commercial hub, is a major port and important transport route in the eastern region of the country, and is home to around 334,000 people.

It is only beyond the sprawl of the hasty modern development that tourists can get to revel in the fabulous Amazon tours. You can check out varied protected spaces of virgin jungles with abundant and diverse animal and plant life along with a few dozen indigenous communities.

Tourists can visit the large Yarinacocha lagoon and do fishing, bird watching, relaxation and water sports. This place has many good lodges and restaurants as well as options to buy traditional native handicrafts. The Regional Museum and the Natural Park of Pucallpa are also located about 4 kilometers from Pucallpa.

Other attractions of the Amazon tours from Cusco and Pucallpa include the extraordinary Boquerón del Padre Abad Canyon adorned by impressive waterfalls, protected areas like the Cordillera Azul National Park, Alto Purus National Park, and El Sira and Purus Communal Reserves, and the Imiria Regional Conservation Area, which is known for its extensive and rich biodiversity.


Amazon Sloth Iquitos

Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon and is located on the Amazon Basin Great plains, surrounded by the Itaya, Amazon, and Nanay rivers. This 6th most populated city in Peru, has around 472,000 residents and is the capital of the Loreto Region and Maynas Province. The region has an equatorial climate with an average annual temperature of around 26 degrees C. Iquitos is only accessible by boat and air.

After the Amazon rainforest was designated as one of the 7 wonders of the world, tourism to Iquitos has increased substantially. Amazon tours in Iquitos offers many thrills like pristine landscapes, complex cuisine and history, rich culture, great nightlife, treks on tree-top canopy pathways, piranha fishing, spotting rare pink river-dolphins, and sailing across the true Amazon River.

Other attractions of Amazon tours from Iquitos include:

Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve and Nanay River basin
Home to a unique biodiversity of primates, amphibians, birds, and plants, as well as amazing white sand forests.

Tapiche Reserve
Home to many endangered and rare wildlife like the red uakari monkey, Amazonian manatee, the agami heron, the giant otter, and many species of large raptors like the crested eagle, the harpy eagle, and the ornate hawk eagle.

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Zoo
Contains diverse varieties of insects and butterflies

Quistococha Tourist Complex
Consists of a Serpentarium, Tunchi Beach (artificial beach with a beautiful lagoon), natural forest and an aquarium.

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