Places to Visit in Peru apart from Machu Picchu

When most people think of Peru, they immediately think of Machu Picchu and rightly so. However, there is so much more to Peru than Machu Picchu and here are just some of the places that you should visit on your trip to Peru.

Peruvian Amazon Rainforest Tour

Not many people know that the Amazon Rainforest actually covers a massive 60% of Peru. It is the home to over 50 ethnic groups and to some of the last indigenous people that are in voluntary isolation. The Peruvian Amazon is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world and has tens of thousands of different animals and plants. An Amazon Rainforest vacation will really stay with you for the rest of your life and is a truly unique experience.

Fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines

Hop on a small plane and fly over the mystical and gigantic geoglyphs otherwise known as the Nazca Lines. The lines are located 200 miles south of Peru’s capital, Lima, and were first made known to the public back in the 1930’s. There are over 70 animal and plant drawings and over 300 geometric figures. Some of the drawings are of a monkey, a spider, a hummingbird, an astronaut, a whale and many more. The bird is the largest of them all measuring 300 meters in length.

Trek in the Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon is located about 100 miles northwest of Arequipa (Peru’s second largest city). The canyon has a depth of 13,650ft and is more than twice as deep as the USA’s Grand Canyon. With its colorful and rugged landscape, a trek in the Colca Canyon makes for a great experience. It is also home to the magnificent Andean Condor, which has a huge wingspan of up to 10.5ft and can be seen up close at the “Cruz del Condor” point of the trek. There are a variety of treks ranging from full day tours up to the more adventurous 4 day tour. Apart from the Inca Trail, the Colca Canyon offers one of the best Peru treks.

Surf in Mancora

Peru has some of the worlds best surf and Mancora is no exception. Located in the far north of Peru close to the border with Ecuador, Mancora offers all year round surf for all people. There are plenty of surf schools located along the beachfront that offer surfboard hire, surf lessons and kitesurfing lessons. The water is warm throughout most of the year and you will only require a short wetsuit on some occasions.

Hike up the Cordillera Blanca

The Cordillera Blanca (which is Spanish for “White Range”), is a mountain range that is part of the Andes range. Its name comes from the numerous ice-capped peaks and glaciers. There are 16 peaks that tower above 19,000ft . The Cordillera Blanca range is the highest tropical mountain range in the world and UNESCO declared it as a Biosphere Reserve and Natural Heritage region. There are treks for everyone running for 1 to 10 days.

Tour the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is on the border of Peru and Bolivia in the southeast of Peru and is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world at 12,500ft above sea level. The lake is famous for its picturesque landscape, which is surrounded by the snow-capped Andes mountain peaks. You can ride across the lake in a boat made of reeds and then visit one of the many floating islands where you can also stay with a family overnight and enjoy traditional home cooked Peruvian food.

Watch Penguins dive off the rocks of the Ballestas Islands

The Ballestas Islands are a small group of islands that are near the town of Paracas. You will be able to see a wide variety of marine life including, sea lions, seals, pelicans, booby birds and penguins. Along the seafront you can put fish in the huge mouth of the Pelican, which they will quite happily swallow whole. On the boat tour, you will be taken out to the rocky islands where you will see seals resting on the rock ledges and penguins diving into the sea. Sometimes you may have sea lions coming up to the boat, so you can see them up close.

Sandboard down the huge dunes of Huacachina

Located close to Paracas are the impressive dunes of Huacachina. Huacachina is a small village that was built around a beautiful oasis. One of the main tourist attractions in this area is sandboarding on the dunes. There are many places that offer tours where you will be taken in a dune buggy and shown how to sandboard. It is not as easy as it looks and will take you a few runs to get used to it. Most people start off by sliding down the dune on their fronts, which still is exhilarating.

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