Surfing Safari on the Great Shores of Peru

Surf Peru

When you travel to Peru, you can be 100% certain that you will catch a wave. Peru’s amazing coastline offers some of the best surf in the world. The coast (“la costa”) of Peru stretches over 2,400 kilometers on the country’s western side, alongside the Pacific Ocean, and it has hundreds of beautiful beaches and places where you can catch that adrenalin rushing wave.

The coast has around 250 kilometers of regular surf and the diversity of the waves allows people of all standards to surf the waters, from beginners to world surfing champions.

Over the recent years the sport of surfing has won the hearts of Peruvians and has become a very popular sport for people of all ages. There is now even regular coverage on Peruvian TV and radio, and there are always articles in the newspapers. This popularity has also made surfing much more affordable for people and in some areas you are able to buy a surf board for around $50, where before the sport’s popularity you would have to pay minimum of around $250 for a surf board.

Due to the fact that there are swells from the North and far down South of Peru’s coast, you are always guaranteed to find space to ride a wave.

North Coast Peru

There are 2 internationally well-known beaches in Peru, which are both located in the North of Peru. Mancora offers the world’s largest left hand point break. It is also part of the International Surfing Circuit, so it attracts the world’s best surfers every year. The beaches in Mancora are simply stunning with warm blue green waters and the sun shines all year round.

Chicama, which has the world’s longest left hand wave at a whopping 4km, although no one has yet managed to surf the whole 4km cape due to the depth of the water. There are consistently barrel waves, which on a good day can go on for over 1 kilometer. Chicama is 45km from the city of Trujillo, so it is a good chance to visit this historical city.

Chicama Beach Surf

South Coast Peru

In Lima, there are some surfing hotspots including the famous Waikiki beach in Miraflores, which was named by the Peruvian surfing legend, Carlos Dogny, a sugar cane heir whom went to Hawaii in 1942 and returned to Lima with a surfboard to introduce the sport to Peru. Waikiki and Makaha beaches are considered to be the best spots for beginner surfers and there are plenty of surf schools in the area to help you achieve your goals.

For the more experienced surfers, La Herradura beach, a bit further down from Miraflores, offers a strong left break and there can be large swells there with big waves.

However, most of the best surfing spots are located to the south of Lima off the Panamerican Highway. Some of the best surfing in Peru can be found at Punta Hermosa, the birthplace of World Champion surfer, Sofia Mulanovich. The main beach is called Pico Alto and waves here can often reach above 4 meters in height. If you are searching for a barrel wave then Cabelleros is your best bet and is close to Pico Alto.

The best swells in these areas are from May to August with the waters averaging around 17°C. You should be fine with a 3/2mm wetsuit and it is recommended to use booties as well if you are surfing in a more rocky area.

So if you are seeking a true surfing adventure or just want to try out surfing for the first time, Peru offers some of the best and diverse surf in the world, along with beautiful sun, sand and waters.

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