Things to do in Lima, Peru

Lima Plaza de Armas

Lima is the capital city of Peru and thus is the most metropolitan place you can be in while you are visiting the country. Most arriving travelers are only in Lima for a short time and want to know things to do in Lima.

Lima is like most cosmopolitan cities; plenty of restaurants, fast food joints, bars, dance clubs, art galleries and a variety of people all representing different aspects of the local community. Many times tourists get a day to do whatever they please in Lima during their Peru vacation and don’t really know how to spend that time accordingly, guides and agencies can usually provide tips on what to do or where to go.

During the daytime you can take the typical city tour of Lima and go downtown. The center of the city has very old buildings from the colonial period which have been restored. This gives the city a very nice touch and provides the opportunity to take great photographs.  You can check out the really old cathedrals and churches that take part of a Lima city tour as well as checking out other districts of Lima.

It is recommended to go to a Peruvian restaurant specializing in Creole cuisine. Some of the local specialties include aji de gallina, which is a kind of hen stew, carapulca a stew made from sun dried potatoes and several others. In continuation with this gastronomic endeavour you can alternatively try a Peruvian cevicheria which specializes in seafood dishes such as the emblematic Peruvian ceviche, arroz con mariscos (a type of Peruvian jambalaya) and others. Peruvian cuisine is very highly regarded globally, so take the opportunity to try out some of these incredible dishes.

What else is there in Lima? Well what about going out for a drink in the evening? There are many bars in the Miraflores district that are full with tourists and travelers alike where you can join in. Barranco offers a great variety as well such as the very popular ayahuasca bar, Santos bar and the chic Picas. Try not just the Pisco sours at Ayahuasca, but also the vast variety of sours they make with exotic jungle fruits such as the Camu Camu sour.

If you are more into learning about local culture you can visit the museums in the centre of Lima or some of the Art galleries in Miraflores and Barranco where local artists display their work.

If you need more information or more specific information on what there is to do in Lima or anything related to your Peru vacation, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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