Top 10 Beaches in Peru

Mancora Surf

Peru is best known for tourist attractions like Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Nazca Lines and the Amazon Rainforest. Most visitors who travel to Peru will go straight to Cusco and then to Machu Picchu and don’t realize that they are missing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with blue/green waters and miles of white sand. In fact, Peru’s coastline stretches over 1,400 miles along the Pacific Ocean shores. There are a variety of beaches ranging from, world class surf hot spots, holiday resorts, wildlife reserves and fishing towns.

Here are some of the best beaches that you should visit on your trip to Peru.

1. Mancora Beach

Mancora is one of Peru’s most popular beaches, mainly due to its surfing. Also known by some as the Hawaii of Peru, Mancora attracts people from all over the world and has a great nightlife coupled by a laid back and bohemian atmosphere that many people fall in love with.

2. Punta Sal Beach

Puntal Sal is close to Mancora Beach and has beautiful white sandy beaches. If you want to taste some of the best Peruvian seafood, then this is the place to come. Surfing is very popular here due to the regular big waves and you can also do fishing and diving.

3. Chicama Beach

This beach offers the world’s longest wave, so it attracts a lot of surfers from all over the globe. The pipeline has 4 sections of which can reach up to 2 meters. The waves here are only for surfers that have good experience due to the wave size and strong rips.

4. Las Pocitas Beach

This is the perfect beach for activities other than surfing. Diving is very popular here, as the marine life is very diverse and you can even swim with dolphins. If you just feel like relaxing then you can just lie on the beach and get a nice golden suntan.

5. Zorritos Beach

This small fisherman’s town is located 28km from Tumbes in the North of Peru, this beach has a real tropical feeling, as the waters are warm all year round and it has stunning white sandy stretches. There are also small thermal baths from underground that you can take a dip in.

6. Conchitas Beach

Another good surfing spot, especially for beginners. It has calmer waters with many small waves that are perfect to learn the sport. There are 2 other beaches in close vicinity: Santa Rosa and Playa Hermosa.

7. Bahia de Norura

Considered to be one of the last untouched beaches in Peru and probably one of the most stunning. The marine life is spectacular and you can normally find large flocks of birds, dolphins and turtles.

8. Puerto Inca

Known as one of the more beautiful beaches in Southern Peru, Puerto Inca is a great place to bring the family. The beaches are very clean and tranquil, and offer great diving and fishing.

9. Paracas

Paracas is a very popular tourist attraction due to its incredible marine life. You can have boat tours here where you can see penguins, sea lions and hundreds of thousands of birds. A must see for anyone who likes marine life.

10. El Paraiso

El Paraiso, meaning The Paradise, lives up to its name and has many solitary beaches that are very tranquil and clean. You can enjoy good fishing here and strong sunshine during the summer months.

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