Travel to Peru and stop for shopping in Lima

Jockey Boulevard Peru

Lima, Peru’s cosmopolitan capital, is a shopper’s paradise. In addition to some of the country’s finest indigenous handicraft shops, Lima offers seafront malls, one-of-a-kind boutiques, luxurious and stylish alpaca knitwear, fashion ateliers and some of South America’s best haute couture.

Here are some of the must-see “hit list” boutiques for those who travel to Peru:

Andrea Llosa

A new name on the international fashion scene, Peruvian designer Andrea Llosa has created a balanced collection with personality, strong patterns and style. Inspired by Paul Gauguin’s artwork, Maori culture and everything urban, Llosa’s creations –dubbed “world fashion”– include ready-to-wear jackets, dresses, evening wear as well as a bold line of jewelry.

Atelier Titi Guiulfo

Peruvian designer Titi Guiulfo –one of the country’s top ten– has found inspiration in Peru’s ancestral weaving techniques and designs. Guiulfo’s sophisticated and unique creations feature hand-woven accessories, shawls, hats and clothing made from baby alpaca fiber and pima cotton. Exquisite hand-woven carpets are also available.

Boulevard Jockey

Nearly 8,000 square meters of high-end international fashion: Carolina Herrera, Zara, Calvin Klein, Montblanc, Salvatore Ferragamo, Armani Exchange, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss and much more.

Dédalo Arte y Artesanía

Located in Lima’s seaside Barranco district, this boutique features the work and creations of emerging and established Peruvian artists, and is very near to the new must see in Lima, The MATE Foundation, Mario Testino’s own galery/museum.

Gerardo Privat

Dramatic, glamorous, avant-garde and powerful are four words that perfectly describe Gerardo Privat’s collection. This Peruvian designer’s brand, “Privat”, offers clothing, accessories, footwear and the “Privat Home” line.


Ilaria’s rich, feminine and refined jewelry, meticulously handcrafted by skilled local artisans– is a symbol of Peruvian silverwork. The collection, renowned for its outstanding quality, includes fine silverware, vases and other home décor products, as well as modern and pre-Colombian inspired pieces of jewelry which elegantly combine 925 silver and Peruvian stones, such as Andean opal, Peruvian turquoise, quartz and amethyst.


Kuna offers stylish and luxuriously soft garments made from the finest Andean camelid fibers (alpaca, vicuña, and guanaco). Also available is an elegant home collection, which features products such as blankets, quilts, sheets and rugs.

Meche Correa

Self-taught artist Meche Correa’s unique designs –a true blend of modern fashion and indigenous tradition– are, simply, irresistible. Her creations, which include clutches of various sizes crafted with unusual materials such as alpaca wool, plastic, wood and tooled leather, can be found in exclusive European stores as well as in her flagship boutique in Lima.

Lorena Pestana

This Peruvian designer, who won the top prize for jewelry design at the prestigious Paris Éclat de Mode, offers exquisite contemporary jewelry, such as bracelets woven from a single length of stainless steel wire. Her feminine and inventive designs are inspired by the traditions and colors of Peru’s native Amazonian cultures.

Vaçide Erda Zimić

This independent trendsetter offers quirky, colorful and fashionable handcrafted designer bags and clutches, accessories and jewelry. Her creations –sold in the United States, England and Spain– are made from recycled materials such as rubber, carpet and the felt used to craft traditional Andean hats.

Travel to Peru and enjoy, but don’t come back empty-handed!

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