Traveling in Peru during the Easter Weekend

Holy Week Peru

Holy week or “Easter”, as it is more commonly known, is coming up and both Peru´s locals and foreigners that are in Peru at this time, will be leaving Lima for the provinces.  Everyone is getting ready to either have a cultural experience or just leave the city to have a relaxing time.

Some important things to remember while traveling through Peru during Easter, are to be a little more careful during the trip and to take special consideration to what these dates mean to the locals.  Religion can be a very important aspect of the local culture in Peru, especially in the provinces outside Lima.  They tend to have processions, go to churches constantly and I’ve even gotten the older native giving me a sermon on what place religion and god should take in my life.  So in short, it is best to nod and be polite if this happens to you and try to take some joy in not just the fun of travel, but the cultural experience this coming week is sure to provide.

“Safety” is a part of any trip to any part of the world, however while in South America it is wise to take extra special care during you travels.  Thieves are on the lookout and are anxiously waiting for a tourist to take his or her eyes from their bag for even an instant during any holiday season and you could find yourself having to shop for jeans that don’t fit.  True story :/

So when you head out to Ayacucho or anywhere else in the highlands of Peru remember to try and appreciate what religion means to the natives. In the highland, there is a mesh of ethnic beliefs with a deep acceptance of Christianity brought by the Spanish.  The jungle has some of the same things, but not as much as in the highland region.

Remember to have fun and be careful, always keep an eye on your possessions and stay with your friends. Follow these simple instructions and you will have a great time during the upcoming Easter weekend and holy week celebrations in Peru.

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