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Peru Vacation Tours will assume that the person confirming the itinerary and the number of people in their group will be the representative of the entire group.

In order to secure a booking, the client is required to:

  • Send a confirmation e-mail agreeing to our prices, the trip itinerary and all the 3rd party suppliers of services. By sending this e-mail the client not only agrees on the latter, but also agrees on all the terms and conditions stated in the following document. The person sending the confirmation e-mail will represent all the people whose names appears on the final reservation and guarantees that they have full authority on behalf of them for all the matters due on the final booking agreement. By sending this e-mail, the client confirms that all those people are fully aware of these conditions and accept them.
  • Pay a deposit of no less than 40% of the total amount owed, if the vacation starts more than 46 days. If the vacation starts in less than 46 days, full payment will be required. The payment will be effective only at the moment it is visible in the Peru Vacation Tours bank account in Perú.

The reservation is only defined by Peru Vacation Tours after its acceptance and payment. The confirmation by Peru Vacation Tours by e-mail, is the moment in which a binding contract arises. This contract is between Peru Vacation Tours and the Client, which has full representation of all the persons whose names appear on the reservation.

All balance of money must be paid in US Dollars (USD) to Peru Vacation Tours 46 days before departure; in case the balance is not fully paid before this date the reservation will be considered as cancelled by the Client. The Client assumes full responsibility for any inconvenience or additional costs produced by this situation, and Peru Vacation Tours is no longer responsible for securing any kind of service.

In the case of last minute reservations (less than 46 days after the beginning of the itinerary), the total amount due expires immediately and it is the full responsibility of the Client to provide the necessary funds in order to fulfill the booking.

Peru Vacation Tours accepts all major credit cards. Payments can be made by this method or by transferring the total amount of the services provided to our bank account. In case of any kind of money transfer, it is the Client’s responsibility to assume all the costs of wiring and transfer.

At this point any change in the original itinerary can only be made by the Client; any additional costs or charges incurred as a result of these modifications will be charged and are responsibility of the Client. Although Peru Vacation Tours will make the best effort to fulfil any changes, availability cannot be guaranteed and any lost portion of the original itinerary will be responsibility of the Client.

If the Client or any member of their party cannot travel it may be possible to transfer the reservation to another person provided a written notice is received at least 46 days prior to the beginning of the itinerary. A USD 50 change fee will be charged and all related costs derived by this action is the responsibility of the Client. Airlines and some other providers can impose cancellations or change fees of up to 100% of the cost of the original ticket/service.

All reservations may be cancelled at any time by the Client by sending a written communication via email to Peru Vacation Tours and are subject to charges as shown below:

  • More than 60 days before: 15% of the total package will be non-refundable and any services that have been purchased and that are non-refundable e.g. flights, Inca Trail permits, Huayna Picchu entrance and any other items mentioned.
  • 59 – 47 days before: 40% of the total package price
  • 46 – 24 days before: 60% of total package price
  • 23 – 17 days before: 80% of total package price
  • 16 days or less: 100% of total package price

In the event of cancelling just part of the itinerary, the remaining part may be accountable to pay additional charges like supplements or lack of occupancy fees. Flights and transportation tickets may not be refundable or reimbursable.

Peru Vacation Tours will do everything possible to fulfill all itineraries as stated on the confirmation e-mail. Peru Vacation Tours reserves the right to cancel or change any portion or the full itinerary due to prevailing local conditions; The Client accepts that, if necessary or advisable, the itineraries could be changed and substituted with alternative and equivalent arrangements of comparable monetary value without any compensation. If any major change is required after the booking is confirmed, Peru Vacation Tours will inform the Client as soon as possible. When a major change is made, the Client will have the option to accept the change of arrangements, buy any other available route or cancel the tour and obtain the respective refund.

No refunds will be made for any unused services in the itinerary.

Peru Vacation Tours will not be responsible for any change or cancellation due to events beyond its control like, but not excluding any other, the following: Force Majeure, war, threat of war, riots, civil conflicts, industrial disputes, terrorist activities, natural or nuclear disasters, fires or adverse weather conditions, pandemics or endemics, technical or maintenance problems with transportation, changes imposed for the cancellation or reprogramming of flights by an airline, the alteration of the type of airplane or plane, or other similar events.

Peru Vacation Tours reserves the right to increase the cost of the trip to take into account the following elements: government action, currency, transportation or fuel costs, airport charges and increased scheduled air fares. If this results on a significative increase in the itinerary costs (more than 15%) and special cancellation ad-Hoc policy will be provided to the customer at Peru Vacation Tours discretion and in the best interest of both parties.

If the Client or any member of their party has a complaint about any part or all of their itinerary, they must first call the attention of the tour representative or another Peru Vacation Tours representative at the time so we can make the best efforts to rectify the situation. If you fail to do so, it may be impossible for us to rectify the situation and therefore you are declining any kind of help and compensation by Peru Vacation Tours. If we are not able to solve the problem in a reasonable amount of time, a written complaint must be submitted to Peru Vacation Tours within 7 days of the end of your trip so that we can investigate and solve any controversy held.


It is the Clients responsibility to ensure all members of their party have the following documents at the start of their vacation with us:

  • Valid Passport with a valid visa permit
  • Inoculations and all the preventive medications

Any information provided by Peru Vacation Tours is given in good faith and without liability from Peru Vacation Tours. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure everybody in their party has the necessary documents to fulfill the trip.

The Client is responsible to ensure all the members of their party are fit and can complete the itinerary of their choice by their own means. By confirming the itinerary, the Client assumes full responsibility of their physical conditions, and those in their party. It is advisable, that if you are 60 years old or older, to have an adequate exam to ensure you are capable of fulfilling the itinerary chosen.

Minors (less than 18 years old) travelling alone are not accepted on itineraries operated by Peru Vacation Tours. A parent or legal guardian, whom assumes full responsibility for them, is required to accompanied the minor during the whole itinerary schedule. In this sense, Peru Vacation Tours reserves the right to refuse a booking at its discretion.

The Client also agrees that in the itinerary duration they summit to the decisions and authority of the designated employees, tour leaders and agents working with Peru Vacation Tours. If they decide that one or more persons in the party appears to endanger the safety or comfortability of the tours, the Client and their party may be excluded from it, without any further responsibility from Peru Vacation Tours. In case of a medical emergency, Peru Vacation Tours may provide special arrangements, all the costs must be accepted and full responsibility of the Client.

The Client is responsible for declaring any illness or disability of the members of their party at the time of booking and it’s their responsibility to ensure arrangements for the provisions of any medication and/or treatment needed during the whole duration of the itinerary. Failing of doing so may result in those persons being excluded from part or the whole itinerary without any responsibility by Peru Vacation Tours.

If the itinerary chosen includes any cruises, boat trips or transfers, the Client must let us know if they can´t swim, so Peru Vacation Tours may take additional precautions for the party´s safety.

It is expected that all the Clients party members must obey local and international laws and regulations; if they do not it will relieve Peru Vacation Tours for all obligations held under this agreement.

In order to avoid payment of additional Hotel taxes, all the members of the party must show a valid visa (if required), an official Andina Migration Card with the immigration stamp. The latter will be issued at airport at the time of entry. If you fail to do so and additional 18% IGV tax will be issued by the hotels.

An international travel insurance is strongly recommended and is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all the members of their party should have an adequate insurance policy that provides medical coverage for the duration of the itinerary and the loss of all or part of your vacation due to medical problems. The Client should also ensure that any activity done during your stay in Peru is covered by your policy.

All belongings including luggage are at all times the responsibility of the Client and the members of their party.


Even though Peru Vacation Tours will do everything possible to ensure that all flights are fulfilled and prices are correct at the time of booking, airlines reserve the right to modify or withdraw rates without prior notice. Even though a ticket deposit may guarantee the reservation, it does not guarantee rates. Air fares may only be guaranteed when the flight is fully paid and the ticket is issued. Flight reservations cannot be transferred.

All flight itineraries are offered as a general orientation, it is responsibility of the Client to double check as soon as they receive their tickets that everything is correct. Peru Vacation Tours will inform if any changes are made on the itineraries of the flights, but Peru Vacation Tours is not responsible if these changes alter the trip or generate any additional costs.

Peru Vacation Tours will not be responsible for delays due to adverse weather conditions, the action of air traffic controllers, airport authorities or governments (local), reprogramming of flight schedules by the airline, mechanical breakdown, strike, labor action or any other reason.

All airport taxes are included in the tickets.


Peru Vacation Tours guarantees that all the services that the Client books are provided as described in the final itinerary.

Peru Vacation Tours acts as an agent and while we exercise all the reasonable precautions and double check all the services we offer, it is not responsible for any injuries, illnesses, damages, losses, additional expenses, accidentals delays or other irregularities caused by negligent acts or omissions made by 3rd party companies or individuals that provide or participate in the itineraries.